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Beverage Machines

Houston, TX, USA


The unit comes standard with an easy-to read 4.3\" LCD color display that is easy to program. It includes a Braille equipped keypad that is easier to use than anything else on the market. It will also feature an extensive beverage capacity and can vend the most popular bottles, cans, energy drinks, juices and more. The vending of larger-sized bottles cans and other drink packages is done through its extra large push door. The specially designed trays let the operators to tilt or pull out the trays for stocking and servicing without worrying about a wire harness. The oversized push door enables the ENV5B to vend large sized water bottles, cans through. The machine is featured with rounded out by the locking coin box, the vend detection system, a sturdy all steel design and reliable anti-theft precautions."

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Property Location

Houston, TX, USA

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